“Osaka Data Recovery”: a specialist in advanced data recovery systems such as RAID and server forensics
At Osaka Data Recovery, we develop and introduce high quality equipment from various types of RAID servers and small scale NAS (network attached storage) to large scale storage units, so as to be able to recover important data from your damaged disks more safely and rapidly. Our work process is structured so as to be able to respond to the individual characteristics of each customer’s disk failure. Through a speedy but careful workflow, we assist in recovering the precious data that you can ill afford to lose to disk trouble.
About digital forensic investigation services
At Osaka Data Recovery, we conduct digital forensic investigation services and data recovery for police and prosecution purposes. Appraisal reports are prepared for each investigation, whether it involves the recovery of memory from personal computers that have been broken, old image data that has been deleted (for example from security cameras), or USB devices that have been snapped; or for personal computers that have been dumped into the ocean or other bodies of water, or those that have been discovered at sites or arson or fire. In relation to such services, we urge customers to make inquiries via telephone before bringing in any pieces of evidence.
No outsourcing means you avoid extra service charges or margins
At Osaka Data Recovery, we do absolutely no outsourcing of our services. This allows us to keep the total cost down for the customer and also to minimize the time required for recovery of your data. This can make a noticeable difference particularly in cases of major physical damage. While other companies may charge in excess of ¥1, 000,000 for the diagnosis of a HDD, such a cost can often be reduced to approximately one fifth at Osaka Data Recovery. This works in the same manner as the difference between wholesale and retail prices, where the price and payment dates differ even though the same service is offered.