How our service works
1. The first step is our cost-free consultation on a toll-free number.
Please kindly inform us of the model number of the item, the time that the problem occurred and other similar basic facts.
2. Ordering an initial diagnosis
The initial diagnosis is carried out after you bring in the item or post it to us. Please click here for application forms. (Application forms are also available at reception.)
3. Initial diagnosis
We make a diagnosis of the damaged parts and the extent of the damage, and formulate a recovery process plan. Customers can also speak directly with technicians on the telephone, if they should so desire.
4. Quotation
We send you our quotation and explain the details over the telephone. ※ Please note that orders may still be cancelled at this stage at no cost.
5. Ordering data recovery services
The data recovery process commences once we receive the go-ahead from you.
6. Report on results
We report the data recovery outcomes to you by providing information such as file lists and recovery status. We will also contact you in cases where recovery proved impossible.
7. Delivery of recovered data
Your salvaged data is saved to a hard disk drive or other storage device and returned to you via takkyubin services, free of charge. You may also collect your recovered data at our office.
8. Payment
Please note that we are also able to invoice corporate customers according to your specified cut off date and payment date, providing this was requested at the time of placing the order.
About Price
Fees for the recovery of hard disk data vary according to specifications and level of damage to the total disk capacity and access method. We are most happy to discuss this over the phone, so please feel free to make inquiries. Also, once we have the results of the initial diagnosis (a free service), precise cost calculations can be supplied prior to commencement of repairs. We advise customers who urgently require recovery services to bring their disks in directly.
At Osaka Data Recovery, we do not consign your disks to third parties. All repairs are carried out within the company, so we are able to adjust the number of steps in the process and provide you with a speedy recovery. What other companies consider a “severe malfunction” may be a “slight malfunction” for us. Also, if you have already received a diagnosis for data recovery from another company, please kindly inform us of the content of the diagnostic results report or the work report.
Digital Forensic
We examine access logs through which data has been falsified. We have previously handled requests from the police, prosecutors, and the tax department involving digital-monitoring, lock-bypassing, and data-retrieval technology.
When we can't handle the job alone, we sometimes collaborate with firms specializing in information security. We have the technological skills to conduct useful data salvage of evidentiary material for trials and for legal experts.
Data recovery
We recover data from faulty devices. We've handled jobs from a wide range of customers, from individuals to smaller-scale companies, and we've worked successfully with larger enterprises. We also handle data recovery for hard disk manufacturers. Our data restoration services have earned our customers' confidence through our use of cutting-edge technology.