NTT Secure Platform Laboratories, data recovery methods for crashed hard drives

I had been invited to visit NTT Secure Platform Laboratories a while ago, and I finally went out to Mitaka in Tokyo on October 3. The subject was data recovery methods for crashed hard drives.
The presentation covered techniques and gave demonstrations starting from what could be called traditional means like replacing the heads all the way up to HiDR, which relies on control of the firmware to recover data.

During all this, a very enthusiastic lab tech asked if it were possible to skip without removing the password lock. This seemed very interesting so it was tried right there and then, and in fact skipping was achieved beautifully, allowing access to the data. All in all everyone at NTT was very helpful and it ended up being a deeply informative study group.
Thanks to everyone at NTT.
Please keep us in mind if the opportunity arises again!


3rd IDF Course & Tenth Period 2nd Technical Sub-Working Group

Last week on the 19th and 20th I participated as an instructor at a seminar event sponsored by the Institute of Digital Forensics (3 seminars) in Ichigaya in Tokyo.

I was mainly explaining the role of firmware in the hard drive boot sequence and ways to use this in the data recovery process, and was gratified to have a much better response than I had expected during the question and answer session. Thanks to the high level of awareness of the attendees we were able to end the series on a high note.

Thanks to everyone who attended!


3rd Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Data Recovery Training

On June 12th and 13th I gave a presentation to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police with explanation and hands-on training of flash memory and hard disk data recovery techniques as well as a demonstration of hard drive hacking. The enthusiastic attendees peppered me with questions befitting their involvement with police work, some surprisingly deep in context and I felt ever more strongly the heightened demand for data recovery technology. These last two days have led me to the realization again that we must all be ready at all times to fulfill the expectations of our investigative personnel. Thanks to all who attended.