From Abeno-ku,Osaka Prefecture. Corporation

One of the hard drives of one of our office's main servers had an error and couldn't be read. CHKDSK hung up, and after a reboot, the hard disk couldn't be found by the machine. To make matters worse, our backup server froze and refused to work. Our data was completely lost.

Grasping the importance of the situation, I gave up on the idea of undertaking the restoration myself and searched for ""hardware restoration"" on the internet. Costwise, it was a little high, but since you had technicians permanently on-staff and handled everything on-site, I decided to give the job to you. Later, at the counter, I spoke with a technician and felt that they knew what they were doing and were reliable. I felt my heart seize up a bit when I heard, "it worries me that it ran CHKDSK," but while waiting for the work report, I got the news that you were able to recover the disk almost completely. 20 GB and 150,000 files were restored —a miracle. Above all, though, I also was informed on how CHKDSK didn't work. When I asked, "How did the disk error happen, and how did you restore the drive?", I was impressed by the enthusiastic and detailed explanation I received from the technician. I then saw that it was this kind of technical know-how that enabled you to restore my data. Thanks to you, everything is returning to normal at our company. I've also notified everyone in the office of your advice to "set the automatic CHKDSK function to off; it makes recovering the disk so much easier," so we're ready for a next time that I hope never comes. To the person at the counter, the technicians, everyone—thank you. You saved our Osaka office.

Repair issue:
Our organization's mirror servers went down, and upon inspection, it was determined that it was the fault of CHKDSK on two of the machines. The LED indicated a problem with one, so the other tried to boot up from the hard disk, it gave us a BSOD while the OS was starting.

From Kyoto-city, Kyoto Prefecture. Corporation

Just before I was due to close an account, my hard drive suddenly crashed, and since there wasn't any backup of the data, my head was swimming. I searched for data recovery companies on the internet, but when I called and asked about their pricing and turnaround time, their fees were considerable, as was their turnaround time. I then happened to call your firm, and when I spoke to the person on the phone about the situation, they provided polite responses that I hadn't found at any other firm. I felt that the entire staff, from the president on down, had a good, positive attitude. The pricing was also reasonable, and the turnaround time was quick, so I immediately left the job in your hands.

To be honest, in speaking to the company president, my expectations that the disk could be recovered were so low that I had given up hope. Indeed, just as I had been told, the data could not be recovered in the initial attempt, and at the time, I 100% gave up. But thanks to the tenacious efforts of the staff, including the president, the data was completely recovered in the second attempt. I had completely given up hope on the data, so when I received the news, I was truly overjoyed. I was impressed by your consummate technological know-how and professional skills. I don't know if I'll need your help again, but if I do, I'll certainly use your services.

Repair issue:
Data recovery from a hard drive with physical and logical failures.

From USA California. Personal

I'm contacting you in regards to some things that came to my attention while I had a request in for data recovery at Osaka PC Support.
I've gotten a good impression of your company overall.

(The speed of your support)
I was very impressed by how quickly you responded to my questions.

(The content of your responses)
I was also impressed by how spot-on your responses were.

(Recovery process)
The repair process and data recovery were also rapid, and the updates you gave me on the situation put my mind at ease.

Your pricing is also very reasonable compared to other companies.

(Payment methods)
I believe it's possible to pay even if you live overseas.

Repair issues:
■ Data recovery from internal PC hard drive due to physical damage

From Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture. personal

With the data you recovered for me, I was able to get back to 100% where I was before the crash. Frankly, I never thought you would be able to get back all 46.34 GB of my data. I'm truly glad I left the job to your company. Before coming to your firm, I had left the PC with another company for several days, but the response I got was: "We can't read the data at all. Please give up on restoring it." I had precious records of my two children growing up (digital camera data) stored on that hard drive, so there was no way I could say, "oh, OK" and just give up. So I'm truly glad I asked your company to handle the job.
All things considered, in my ten years of working with PCs, I've never had an experience as hellish as this one—where the hard drive wasn't even recognized (not even in the BIOS), even though there wasn't a thing wrong with the computer on any of its previous startups. I'll be sure to be diligent with making backups from now on. I give you my sincere thanks.

Particularly Good Points:
1: Customer support
・First, I phoned the reception desk after hours and said, "I know it's after hours, but is it all right if I come by now?". The response was polite and friendly: "Don't worry about the time; take it slow, and be careful."
At the time, I had actually been told by another company to "forget about complete recovery," and I spent an hour going from my company to pick up my computer from them. When I made to call to you folks, I was utterly adrift, so the warmth in that interaction had a big impression on me at that time.

・After I came to you guys, both the person at the counter and the tech staff gave me precise & prompt customer service, and I got a friendly and polite explanation afterward.
During this recent problem, I dealt with plenty of other companies, and frankly, they did not offer a proper level of customer service—just the typical "computer company" type of support.
On this point, your company offers a proper level of customer support, and I really got a heartfelt sense from my interactions with you that "this is a place I can trust." With data recovery, you're leaving your precious personal information in the hands of a third party, so I think the issue of "can I trust them?" is important.

・I also received polite and friendly responses both several days later, when I was contacted and alerted that you were able to recover the data, and when I contacted you in the middle of the night and asked, "I left a PC for repair; I'd like to come pick up just the PC itself."

2: Pricing
I liked that I got an extremely clear and detailed bill.
The value of data differs from person to person, and I think it's very hard to put a price on it, but I was able in this instance to get back all 46.34 GB of my data, which included not only digital camera data of my children, but also a lot of other extremely important data, so I'm not dissatisfied with the cost at all.

3: Technical skill in data recovery
In my case, other companies had given up, so that my data was fully recovered is a high testament to your firm's technological prowess.

Finally, I'm truly grateful for the polite and friendly support I received from the beginning of this transaction until its end from the person at the counter and the tech staff who fully recovered my data.

Repair issue:
■ Data recovery from a notebook hard drive (SAMSUNG MP0603H) that wasn't recognized even by the BIOS

From Sasebo-city Nagasaki Prefecture. Corporation

Before hiring your company, I sent my hard drive to multiple firms, but my experience was always the same. I was asked "this is important data, right?", forcing me, the customer, to say "yes, it is." It made me uneasy; it seemed like just a psychological tactic meant to get me to spend more money. Plus, the first estimates I got for the job were for wildly different amounts of money. I saw that there were a lot of companies that said they would "do a complete anaylsis and repair in-house" even though they had no clean room, and lots of companies (a WHOLE lot of companies!) that just relied on outsourcing right from the start.
I chose your company because of the customer testimony in the Customer Voices section on your site. There was absolutely no mention of the bad points the other companies had. To be honest, there were firms who said they'd recover the data for even less than your firm, but the first time I called your company, you said nothing that gave me concern—on the contrary, you put my mind at ease. I thought, "I can trust them," and I hired you.

With other data recovery services, they didn't really make their work processes that transparent, and I didn't know what to think about that. There were companies who said, "it's all a company secret"—probably outsourcing, I laughed. Actually, there were also a lot of companies who said, even if the drive could be recovered without opening it, "it was severely damaged, so we opened it in a clean room.'ll be 100,000 yen." The "severely damaged" bit was probably meant to scare me!
Anyhow, thank you very much for the job you did. Recovering 60 GB of vital data from my company and images from home ran 137,000 yen. From now on, I think I'll store my backup data in two places (LOL).

Repair issue:
■ The (slave) hard drive for my own computer had physical damage and it couldn't be recognized even with an external USB cable

From Nagano Prefecture. corporation

Without any forewarning (as far as I could tell), my hard drive stopped working. We hired another recovery service, but we were told, ""We can't recover the data domestically, and we can't find the cause of the damage. We recommend you send it overseas. You won't know whether or not they'll be able to recover it until you send them the drive, though."" We were at a loss. We were introduced, though, to your company from someone who knew a lot about computers. I thought, ""it's worth a shot,"" and hired you, and you were able not only to identify the cause, but to recover almost 100% of the data. Even better, the work was done for less than half the estimate of the other company; you really, really helped us out. I thought that the damage was so great that restoration was impossible, but the engineers stuck with the job for me, and I'm truly grateful to them. I truly thank you.

Repair issue: My Mac (Apple G5 M9455J/A) internal hard drive (Seagate ST3160023AS) was damaged, and I got ""we can't find the cause at our domestic labs"" from other firms. We had been trying to restore the disk at our own firm for about a month.

From Amagasaki, HyogoPrefecture. Sonoda printing Co., Ltd.

About 10 years' worth of precious printing design data was all of a sudden completely unrecognized by my machine, and I was at a loss. I dismantled my computer and hooked it up to another PC—tried a lot of methods of fixing it by myself, but nothing worked. Worse, I was in the middle of a rush job.

"All I can do is to apologize to the client and pull a couple all-nighters to recreate everything," I thought. Then I remembered Osaka Data Restoration, with whom I had dealt before, and I brought it right to you guys. I received emergency support, and after about a day, I got almost all of my data back safely. Thanks to you, I was able to deliver on a rush job safely. The support I received at the counter was superb, and I was greatly satisfied. You really saved me. If I need help again, then I'll be sure to come to you. Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Repair issue:
Data recovery from a 3.5" hard drive (Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9, 120GB ATA) with physical damage

From Osaka Prefecture. corporation

You really saved me big time. Before having my backup data extracted by Osaka Data, I had brought the disk to three other companies, and all of them were no help. I found the webpage of one company that said they could absolutely rescue the data, but when I looked into them, I found their price was rather high. Finally, I came to Osaka Data, and since your price was pretty reasonable, I gave you a try because I had nothing left to lose. But you were terrific in every way. Not only did you extract my data, but the support I received from the staff was wonderful and really made me feel good. I truly thank you.

Repair issue:
The hard disk (Seagate ST3250823A, 250GB) in my external HDD (BUFFALO HD-HB250U2) was damaged, and after using five or six different types of recovery software, both the manufacturer and other companies had told me that recovery was impossible.

From Osaka Prefecture University Teachers

One morning, when I turned on my PC, I discovered that the external hard drive wasn't working. All my data was saved on there, and I was at a complete loss. I searched on the web for information on how to recover the data, but I had no idea where to start. It was important data, so I was nervous about entrusting it to someone over the net. I naturally looked for someone I could maybe see face-to-face, and I found an ""Osaka Data Recovery."" I immediately visited the company, and I was informed of a number of possibilities for getting the job done. As a result, I thought I just had to leave it with you guys, and so I hired you. I gave the job to you and went back to work, but as soon as I got settled back at the office, I began to worry. I teach, so a list of my students as well as their grades was mixed in with my data. It's not like it's top-secret information, but there might be problems if the data were leaked. I didn't really think such a thing would happen, but I still had lingering worries. So I visited the company again, and I was assured that my confidentiality would be preserved. I talked with the staff, and they explained to me that there was no possibility of a leak occurring during the recovery process and that they had a ""pledge regarding the protection of confidential information."" That set my mind at ease.

And so, my data was recovered.
I thought it was good that:
・I could talk with the staff
・their explanations were polite and easy to understand
・and all my data was recovered.
I think it would have been even better if their strict confidentiality policies had been explained to me at the very start, though. There were things I couldn't confirm on my end right away just because I was in such a panic, but still.
I hope I don't have need of your service again, but if I do, I'll certainly turn to you.

Repair issue:
Data recovery from an external HDD (I-O DATA HDA-iU80) that suddenly broke and couldn't be recognized by the computer. *The internal HDD was a SAMSUNG SV0802N. The main cause was a spindle motor problem that occurs relatively often in this model.

From Osaka Prefecture. corporation

On October 22 (Mon.), a problem with a server made all the data on it unreadable. At a loss, I discovered your company on the internet, and I thought it was the voice of God speaking to me. I asked you to look into the matter, and I was absolutely shocked by the 100% recovery rate. Thanks to you, I was able to recover important data for almost 600 employees; it was a big help. The next time I have a similar problem (I really hope I don't, but if I do) I think I'll use your services.

Repair issue:
Our mirror server went down, and when we investigated, two of the hard drives were damaged. On one, the LED signaled a problem, and on the other, when we tried to boot up the HDD, we got a BSOD while the OS was loading.

From Zushi-city Kanagawa Prefecture. corporation

I at first intended to go to another data recovery firm. The cost was OK, but I was told that it would take several weeks to recover the data. Right before I was to send it away, someone outside my department told me, ""you should check with other companies, too, and then decide."" On this advice, I telephoned a few other firms. Out of all of them, your firm provided excellent technical and front-end support from the very start, and I felt safe leaving the job in your hands. Even after you recovered the data, you gave me lots of advice, and you were friendly and polite in answering my questions. I was surprised that it took only a few days to recover the data, and of course, I'm grateful for the one-on-one honesty in the transaction.

Thank you very much.

From Kyoto Nagaokakyo Prefecture. corporation than (precision metal processing)

Due to a server issue, my data recently disappeared—and among it was a lot of irreplaceable data that I couldn't put a price on. Much of the data was also connected with my everyday business, and I needed it to be recovered quickly. I picked up the phone and brought it right to your company out of the blue, and yet you immediately diagnosed the issue on-site and performed the recovery. You really helped me out. Even moneywise, I paid only after I checked and made sure that my files were safe and sound, which really put my mind at ease. The support I received, the payment policies, the time of payment—I was satisfied with every facet of the transaction.

From (production and sale of the drug substance and pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical products), Chuo-ku, Osaka Prefecture. corporation

In every aspect of the restoration from top to bottom—from initial inquiry to the estimate to the restoration and delivery—you offered prompt support and you explained things patiently in terms even a layman could understand. You really were a huge help. You even redelivered the data via a media format that was different from that used in your initial delivery when asked, and your response was not only prompt, but you didn't even charge a handling fee, for which I am very grateful. If I run into trouble in the future, I'll be sure to contact you. I also found your pricing both clear and reasonable.

From Kita-ku, Osaka Prefecture. corporation

You have my heartfelt thanks for your recent help. My data arrived safely here this morning. When I checked, I found that almost all my data had been restored. It was important data, so you really helped me out. If I had lost this data, my customers' days would've been ruined. I hope this never happens again, but if it does, I'll take my business to you. Again, I'm very grateful that you were able to recover my data. Thank you.

From Kyoto-city, Kyoto corporation (general trading company)

This was the first time I used your service. We once placed an order on behalf of an end user with another company, but they weren't able to retrieve the data for the initial estimate; they demanded a large sum of money when they proceeded with the job, and it was a big hassle. Therefore, when I discussed the matter with my firm and learned about your three-tiered flat pricing system, I placed an order with you, thinking I had nothing to lose. The price was low, the response was quick, and you were able to recover the data for the price quoted; the end user was overjoyed. Thank you very much.

From Minato-ku, Osaka-shi, Prefecture. corporation (civil engineering industry)

Thank you for the quick response you gave us on this job. Our company deals in public works, so our data included photos of our job sites that were stored on a PC hard drive. Several days later, upon inspection, we discovered that the data wasn't there on the drive, that we couldn't finish the job, and that there was heavy damage to the hard drive.

With just one phone call, you got a firm handle on the symptoms, and you gave us a clear idea of the time involved and possibility of recovery. Because of this, we felt safe in giving the job to you.

You even cloned the disk and took the time to provide a number of services that weren't even listed, and the turnaround time was extremely short. I'm very thankful for the job you did.

From Chuo-ku, Osaka Prefecture. personal

Forgive me for being late in offering my thanks. First off, I'm very grateful to the technicians who continued the restoration of my data. In a word, the results were fantastic!!! Huge Excel spreadsheets, multilayered illustrations, and above all, irreplaceable software data was returned to me safely. The folder names, the filenames, and even the dates they had been last updated were all restored. Since I had made time to do so, I checked every file, but so far (on the 110th file), they all function properly and all opened successfully. A software company warned (threatened?) me that while files can appear to be restored, only 1 in 100 will open properly—so thinking back on those words, I am truly impressed.

While you were working on my job, every time I phoned, I was told that you were using a variety of techniques to try to extract the data and the job was relatively difficult. "Is it really that tough?" I thought. When I sent in the reference file, I thought that the files that were in the worst shape would came back numbered instead of with their proper filenames; now, I wondered if even that idea was overly optimistic.

Even so, you continued to work on the job for me. A month after I had originally made the request, I had recreated the most recent of the data, as you were unfortunately not able to meet the original deadline. Thinking about the data from further back, though, I decided to wait patiently regarding the job itself until you told me that it was hopeless.

It took about two months to restore the data. I was positive that if I brought the job straight to a pro, I'd see at least some results, but even I honestly never thought that I'd get back absolutely all the data as I did. In all my life, I've never thought that I'd have data I'd wanted to get back so badly that I'd pay money for it. (Once you've been in that situation, you really understand the importance of backing up your data and make a plan for doing so.)

So, to commemorate (?) that first time that I never thought I'd see, I was truly fortunate that I was able to meet the folks at Osaka Data Recovery.
Well, I find it difficult to put my gratitude and emotions into words, but you never gave up on the job, even though it probably wasn't worth the compensation you were getting due to the fixed cost of the DVDs, and you used cutting-edge technology and skills to get it done. For that, I am truly, truly, grateful.

From Chuo-ku, Osaka Prefecture. corporation (bridal video production)

I was told by someone at another firm that my case was hopeless, but you did a magnificent job in restoring my data—thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I'm impressed by your company's technological know-how—it's really stupendous. If anything further happens (and I pray it doesn't, but if it does), I'll go straight to you, and I hope you'll lend me your advice. Thank you for your time.

From Nishi-ku, Osaka Prefecture. corporation (software development / data input)

My sincere thanks for restoring my data recently.
Several years ago, I came to you to ask about restoring data on an external HDD. This time, though, my issue was restoring some files that had been overwritten through an application error, so I didn't initially think about going to you. Employees at my company spent a month putting the data in question together, and our only backup was from six months ago. I thought about recovering the data by brute force, but an employee suggested, "what if we contacted a data-recovery firm...?", so, while dubious, I immediately got in touch with your firm. Ultimately, you were able to recover the overwritten data safely for me, and costwise, you were much less expensive than recreating the data would have been.

From now on, when I want a cost-effective solution for not just physical hard drive trouble, but data loss due to operation errors, I'll come to you. Thank you for your assistance.

From Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture. personal

You really came to my rescue. You recovered photos that were taken the very day that my second daughter was born. Thank you so much!
The media format used was an SDHC card.

Before coming to the people at Osaka Data Recovery, a different data-recovery business had diagnosed the card for me and eventually concluded that there was no hope of recovery. The moment I heard that diagnosis, I was just at a loss; I even considered asking them to scrap the card in order to let the memories go, but I just couldn't give up, and so I asked them to return the card. In search of a glimmer of hope, I went to the people at Osaka Data Recovery. Afterward, I was contacted repeatedly and told that there was no progress with the data recovery, but I asked them not to give up and keep on with the analysis. As a result, after two years of work, they did a magnificent job of recovering the data. It was as good as new—and it even included the time stamps! These photos were priceless to me; I truly thank you!